My qualifications

  • World Snooker Coach
  • Certified Instructor

My Passion for Coaching

Why do I love coaching? I was 14 when I discovered snooker for myself. I have experienced how important a coach is. That it’s about seeing the person behind the players. To learn how to practice properly.

I swear by holistic coaching. Enjoying the game. Mastering technique. Tactics. Training plans. Filing on what can be better. Perfecting Strengths. Mental attitude.

My services

I offer coachings in my club, the ASKÖ Snookerclub Wels/Austria. Appointment requests if you want to train in Wels: I offer coaching weeks including Coaching, Playing fees, your own appartment, food, drinks and transport from and to the airport (Vienna or Salzburg). Prices: from € 150,00/Day. Please contact…… to get your individual quote.

  • Personal coaching for you, him, for partners, friends. For beginners, returnees of all ages.
  • Individual and group coaching for beginners, advanced and professionals. 2 – max. 6 participants.
  • Experience in working with children and adolescents – student courses during the holidays.


€ 40,00 per person per hour

Group coaching from 2 persons: prices on request

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